me.. the slacker...

yeah, so I'm completely slacking off right now... i got soo lazy right now, it's not even funny.. not that i don't get things done, i just procrastinate a lot.. like today in english class, we had to write our essays for our finals and half the time i just stared into space and thought about different stuff.. i dont know, it's weird, and also, i fell asleep in class today... not that we actually did anything, but still... i had a really nice dream lol and yeah, im glad we're not doing anything in class anymore... ap is over, seniors are gone... we played hangman in ap calc today xD
so yeah, i'm going to watch the rain now... and later we're gonna go to cirque du soleil.. cu

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thunderstorms and rain

yeah, it's raining a lot now... thunderstorms... it's kinda fun to watch but it's also kinda dangerous... yesterday we had lightning hit a power-line so we didn't have power for a while... but it was ok... we went to a french cafe and then to the mall and then sports authority and then costco lol costco it awesome! and the mall is fun also.. i have 2 new hollister tshirts... one is really cute and the other one is just kinda cool..
tomorrow is memorial day so we're going to aventura mall... and cheesecake factory... yayyyyy xD but yeah, hyaeju is gonna have a friend with her and I'm taking doug... we're going to cheesecake factory to eat... they have the best food EVER and then we're going shoopppiiiinggggg xD yaaayyyyy it's probably gonna be raining... and i have to watch my big window so it's not flooding... on thursday i think it was raining really hard and the living room was almost flooded... it was wet... but yeah, florida rain is soooo much better than just plain german rain... it's just way harder and you're wet (as in soaking wet) after like 3 seconds... and the street is turned into a river a lot faster...
but yeah, i was just stopping by to say hi (like anyone is reading this lol) and i have to go now...

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yeah... so now I'm officially addicted to PEPSI!!!! I love pepsi! and I crave it all the time... like today... I was begging Doug to give me a dollar 25 so i could get myself some pepsi from the vending machine... it's just soooo good! cold and nice and just pepsi.. i tried to cut down to a pepsi-friday, but that doesn't work out... i need my pepsi.. it's also breakfast to me... besides the breakfast doug gets me at school lol i always have chicken for breakfast... fried xD and then i have chicken tenders and fries and ranch dressing for lunch... and then i often have popcorn chicken for lunch... so yeah, i also love chicken... it's delicious... and please don't be like "what about healthy food?!" the chicken ate healthy food once so i have unhealthy food and healthy food all in one.. and i eat apples sometimes... so I'm good...
but yeah... PEPSIIIIII!!!! we just bought 18 bottles today xD they were on sale...
this morning it was really cool and raining... i saw the best lightning ever!!! it was like 5 seconds long and flashed like 3 times and it was almost straight down!!! xD i was sooo excited... and there was REALLY loud thunder... pam said it was the loudest thunder she ever heard... and i can't really judge that because i was in class and the walls are really think since the school is a hurricane shelter...
lunch was also a lot of fun.. we (alex, doug and me) were talking behind our hands, so akbar (the deaf kid) couldn't read our lips... he's a jerk so he deserves it... haha and he was gonna file a bullying report... xD
anyway, I have a 3 to 5 page research paper due tomorrow... i didn't even start... now I'm procrastinating lol I'm probably gonna end up getting up at like 3 AM to finish it... but that's ok.. I work faster at that time anyway...
ohhh and btw vince and i created the most awesome game EVER! it's sooo much fun! :D I won the first time we ever played.. and then we didn't have time in class anymore... hahahaha.. ooohh and i have to type the rules, omg i almost forgot lol
gilmore girls is on and I'm gonna start researching... see y'all later

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Benihana and AP Exams

10 minutes until desperate housewives starts so i decided to blog again lol
yesterday, we went to benihana, a really fancy and expensive restaurant... it was delicious! i had chicken and i've never tasted a better chicken...
at benihana, they cook in front of you so that was really cool also. the cook was really funny and he knew how to play with food xD i also learned how to eat with chop sticks.. kinda lol but that's SO hard! i ate rice with chop sticks lol it was fun..

next week, we have AP exams, 4 hour tests that determine if you get the college credit from your classes or not.. it's gonna be hard but fun lol and because it doesn't count for me anyway im just excited... everyone is freaked out because of it... well, not everyone, only ap students lol i have ap european history which won't be too bad and ap calculus which will be very bad lol

hyaeju just gave me something for my face lol it feels kinda cool... it's a mask and it's invisible... im gonna have to rip off the upper layer of my skin soon xD and i can't move my face... only my eyes...

desperate housewives just started lol


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holding rooms

heute mal auf deutsch weil ich noch in der schule bin lol heute (und morgen und uebermorgen) sind fcat tage und deswegen sind alle die keinen fcat machen in holding rooms (aber ich komme morgen und uebermorgen nicht weil wir nach orlando fahren). kam zu meinem raum und da war kein lehrer, ich also zu nem anderen raum gegangen und gefragt, die meinten nur so ja, warte da, gib ihm noch ein bisschen zeit (is ja nicht so, dass wenn man nachm klingel noch aufm gang ist in internal suspension (->IS)kommt). und naja der lehrer kam dann doch noch puenktlich und ich und nur ein anderer typ waren in dem raum LOL von ungefaehr 30 die haetten da sein sollen, aber keiner kam heute wegen fcat... wir haben dann den raum gewechselt und da waren wir dann 5 schueler... nach ner zeit hab ich dann gefragt ob ich zu meinem geschichts lehrer gehen kann und da sass ich dann die ganze zeit vorm computer lol hat aber mehr spass gemacht weil doug, kasey und marlana da waren, da hatte ich wenigstens leute zum reden... und waehrend lunch hatte ich eine sehr gute diskussion mit doug.. lol

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florida sun

hey there! i can't go to school today because im too sunburnt... i can't even wear a tshirt because it hurts too bad... but i learnt a lesson: you dont have to see the sun to get sunburnt lol hurts really bad... and there's a coldfront, so im cold now...

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its like 43 degrees here... im wearing 2 tshirts, a hoodie and a sweater and 3 pairs of socks and im still cold.... freezing... dying... aaaaaaahhhhhh it's not supposed to be that cold, we're in florida...

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