iPod touch

hey guys!
Great news! I just bought a new iPod touch!!! :D I love HIM.. his name is Douglas Roger IV.. and he's great... i can write emails and play games and listen to music and watch videos (youtube videos look really cool on him).. bought him saturday and then we went to cheesecake factory and met with hyae ju, mimi, doug and alex... alex thinks im hot lol but yea.. we went to cheesecake factory.. their stuff is just delicious and they have weight managment salads with under 590 calories :D
yesterday i was at a MoveOn.org congressional action training meeting with doug.. it was fun, we were networking a little and i got the number of some guy and I'm probably gonna be on the media team :D with the british guy ^^ he just turned 38 and has a really big british accent lol and he has a little film and blah company... even though i don't agree with the political views of MoveOn.org, meetings like that are a great place to meet people and network... and they're all gonna vote for doug lol and if you don't talk to anyone (which is not gonna happen if you're not like completely shy) at least they have free food and drinks... and you always have a ride home lol someone is always happy to take you, even if it's the other end of the county where you have to go :D so, those people are really nice, but idk, i don't agree with them that much... i mean it's a good thing they teach people how to meet with a senator or representative, but yea.. i just don't agree... I'm not left wingish enough..
so cu whenever...

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today was so awesome ^^ first i got my calculus book to learn 281 pages in 2 weeks :D i'll be able to do that, i think, but it's a lot of work and we have finals next weeks... but whatever...
in anatomy we had a lab activity for which we had to run or something like that, whatever gets the heart rate up and you don't need a partner for... ^^
that calculus book is darn heavy.. and doug and i walked about 2 miles through coconut creek today.. and he had a lot of heavy stuff and i did, too, so it really sucked... im exhausted but i still have a bunch of homework... about 60 vocabulary words in american history... and two sketches and a heart model... for american history i still have some time, but the rest is due tomorrow
my calculus book saw half coconut creek today lol and ill start my homework now, that's just a little part of my life... oooh btw. doug brought me dunkin donuts and dunkin coffee for our pretend anniversary today amd he also got me an army bag with a really cool book with 9/11 pictures and a few things to read... lol
so cu 6/25

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happy new year!!!!

happy new year everybody! we spend like the last 2 hours of the old year in the pool muhahahaha

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drug abuse

today in my 2nd period a kid almost died... probably because of some drug... it was really scary, everybody thought he was sleeping, nothing special here, kind of everybody sleeps in class from time to time... but ms. d was like "hey, wake up!" and everybody around him tried to wake him up, but nothing worked... ms. d called the security and the guy checked the pulse and called the ambulance... they got a wheelchair, but as far as I know, they didn't even use it... they came with a defibrillator and used it... we had to go to the media center... i hope he is alright, but curt said he's selling and doing drugs for years, so of course, someday something goes wrong... he looked really bad... it was weird... i just finished my science fair project... it took me about 6 hours... im exhausted... no dinner... only popcorn and candy and chips... no time for anything else and im gonna go to sleep now... so cya...

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we just came back from the keys.. beautiful little islands.... i love them... you look to your right: water, to your left: water, in the front: water, in the back: water... yea, that shower was amazing ^^ no, im just kidding... the keys are pretty small.... and really beautiful... key west, especially... a town, right on the water with the southernmost point of the us... and a really cool sunset party :D and we went to a turtle hospital with a baby turtle that was hardly as big as a quarter....
but well... today we drove back and of course, through miami... it was kind of on the way anyway, and you just have to see miami... we went to south beach.. beautiful, white sand, blue water, blue sky (btw. it's still hot here... tshirt and shorts weather :D) miami is a nice city... nothing to stay longer but nice... my opinion. anyway, on our way home, pam wanted to put on the gps and stuff, so she parked the car.. and when she wanted to pull out, some guy pulled right in our way... my first american car accident :D and guess what... those guys in the car were illegal immigrants... of course, it's miami ^^ but today wasn't a good day for pam... she was tired and had to drive and she forgot to turn off her car when we left to walk around south beach and then the accident...

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my schedule

i just changed my schedule for next semester... now i have
1. creative photo
2. AP Calculus AB
3. AP Euro History
4. English Honors III

creative photo is probably gonna be the easiest one... but not really easy, cause you have to be creative (oh really?!) and i think there a whole bunch of projects...
then Advanced Placement Calculus AB -> collegelevel math :D im missing the pre-calc and regular calculus but i think i can handle it with my german background.. :D
then third period advanced placement euro history, im going to have that class with doug, and i hope im going to lern something... and im actually pretty darn sure i will. im so looking forward to that class... history where you actually learn something and it might be interesting to see the american point of view on european history... also college level :D
then 4th block english honors III, im supposed to have an english class and i want honors, cause i wanna have a little challenge...

next semester is gonna be so freakin much work, but im sooo darn looking foward to it... no more boredom at school :D
and AP classes bring the gpa up... cause an A in an ap class counts for 6 points and an A in a regular class only counts for 4 points... the higher the better... but honestly, i dont expect to have a's in my ap classes... that's gonna be hard, but i'll like it, im sure :D so, only 4 minutes left, ill write again some other time... wish me luck for my dinner tonight... schnitzel w/ bratkartoffeln whatever that means in english and then applestrudel for dessert... yay :D

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i just had my first bug in my room... a big one.. i freaked out... pam thinks thats a german thing, mo was like that too... pam but it outside... it's even still alive... isn't she great? didn't even kill that thing... i was so freaked out... i looked beside me on my homework and guess what's crawling on it... i almost dropped my computer... thanks for the queen size btw ... but anyway... next week we're going to drive down to the keys with benni, jonas and hyae ju, i'm sure it's gonna be fun, but it would be more fun with doug... 5 days without him.. oh and today there was some testing going on at school, so nobody came and all the juniors and seniors were kept in holding rooms from 7:40 till 11:15... pam dropped me off at school at 10:45... i was scoring bone tests in mrs. bond-jacksons class, that was fun.. i had the key and i know all 64 answers by heart now ^^ and i had to score doug's test... he has a 71... poor guy.. but he was lucky she gave extra credit to everyone... i got a 89... 1 more point and i'd have an a... but whatever, 89 is pretty good... more than most people got... i even scored a test of a guy that only had 10 right answers... well but after that half an hour in the holding room i went to my math class... we were exactly 6 people... and we got extra-credit for attending :D well ima go to sleep now... bye

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