today was so awesome ^^ first i got my calculus book to learn 281 pages in 2 weeks :D i'll be able to do that, i think, but it's a lot of work and we have finals next weeks... but whatever...
in anatomy we had a lab activity for which we had to run or something like that, whatever gets the heart rate up and you don't need a partner for... ^^
that calculus book is darn heavy.. and doug and i walked about 2 miles through coconut creek today.. and he had a lot of heavy stuff and i did, too, so it really sucked... im exhausted but i still have a bunch of homework... about 60 vocabulary words in american history... and two sketches and a heart model... for american history i still have some time, but the rest is due tomorrow
my calculus book saw half coconut creek today lol and ill start my homework now, that's just a little part of my life... oooh btw. doug brought me dunkin donuts and dunkin coffee for our pretend anniversary today amd he also got me an army bag with a really cool book with 9/11 pictures and a few things to read... lol
so cu 6/25

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