iPod touch

hey guys!
Great news! I just bought a new iPod touch!!! :D I love HIM.. his name is Douglas Roger IV.. and he's great... i can write emails and play games and listen to music and watch videos (youtube videos look really cool on him).. bought him saturday and then we went to cheesecake factory and met with hyae ju, mimi, doug and alex... alex thinks im hot lol but yea.. we went to cheesecake factory.. their stuff is just delicious and they have weight managment salads with under 590 calories :D
yesterday i was at a MoveOn.org congressional action training meeting with doug.. it was fun, we were networking a little and i got the number of some guy and I'm probably gonna be on the media team :D with the british guy ^^ he just turned 38 and has a really big british accent lol and he has a little film and blah company... even though i don't agree with the political views of MoveOn.org, meetings like that are a great place to meet people and network... and they're all gonna vote for doug lol and if you don't talk to anyone (which is not gonna happen if you're not like completely shy) at least they have free food and drinks... and you always have a ride home lol someone is always happy to take you, even if it's the other end of the county where you have to go :D so, those people are really nice, but idk, i don't agree with them that much... i mean it's a good thing they teach people how to meet with a senator or representative, but yea.. i just don't agree... I'm not left wingish enough..
so cu whenever...

12.1.09 14:47


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