Benihana and AP Exams

10 minutes until desperate housewives starts so i decided to blog again lol
yesterday, we went to benihana, a really fancy and expensive restaurant... it was delicious! i had chicken and i've never tasted a better chicken...
at benihana, they cook in front of you so that was really cool also. the cook was really funny and he knew how to play with food xD i also learned how to eat with chop sticks.. kinda lol but that's SO hard! i ate rice with chop sticks lol it was fun..

next week, we have AP exams, 4 hour tests that determine if you get the college credit from your classes or not.. it's gonna be hard but fun lol and because it doesn't count for me anyway im just excited... everyone is freaked out because of it... well, not everyone, only ap students lol i have ap european history which won't be too bad and ap calculus which will be very bad lol

hyaeju just gave me something for my face lol it feels kinda cool... it's a mask and it's invisible... im gonna have to rip off the upper layer of my skin soon xD and i can't move my face... only my eyes...

desperate housewives just started lol


4.5.09 03:04


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