yeah... so now I'm officially addicted to PEPSI!!!! I love pepsi! and I crave it all the time... like today... I was begging Doug to give me a dollar 25 so i could get myself some pepsi from the vending machine... it's just soooo good! cold and nice and just pepsi.. i tried to cut down to a pepsi-friday, but that doesn't work out... i need my pepsi.. it's also breakfast to me... besides the breakfast doug gets me at school lol i always have chicken for breakfast... fried xD and then i have chicken tenders and fries and ranch dressing for lunch... and then i often have popcorn chicken for lunch... so yeah, i also love chicken... it's delicious... and please don't be like "what about healthy food?!" the chicken ate healthy food once so i have unhealthy food and healthy food all in one.. and i eat apples sometimes... so I'm good...
but yeah... PEPSIIIIII!!!! we just bought 18 bottles today xD they were on sale...
this morning it was really cool and raining... i saw the best lightning ever!!! it was like 5 seconds long and flashed like 3 times and it was almost straight down!!! xD i was sooo excited... and there was REALLY loud thunder... pam said it was the loudest thunder she ever heard... and i can't really judge that because i was in class and the walls are really think since the school is a hurricane shelter...
lunch was also a lot of fun.. we (alex, doug and me) were talking behind our hands, so akbar (the deaf kid) couldn't read our lips... he's a jerk so he deserves it... haha and he was gonna file a bullying report... xD
anyway, I have a 3 to 5 page research paper due tomorrow... i didn't even start... now I'm procrastinating lol I'm probably gonna end up getting up at like 3 AM to finish it... but that's ok.. I work faster at that time anyway...
ohhh and btw vince and i created the most awesome game EVER! it's sooo much fun! :D I won the first time we ever played.. and then we didn't have time in class anymore... hahahaha.. ooohh and i have to type the rules, omg i almost forgot lol
gilmore girls is on and I'm gonna start researching... see y'all later

21.5.09 23:23


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