thunderstorms and rain

yeah, it's raining a lot now... thunderstorms... it's kinda fun to watch but it's also kinda dangerous... yesterday we had lightning hit a power-line so we didn't have power for a while... but it was ok... we went to a french cafe and then to the mall and then sports authority and then costco lol costco it awesome! and the mall is fun also.. i have 2 new hollister tshirts... one is really cute and the other one is just kinda cool..
tomorrow is memorial day so we're going to aventura mall... and cheesecake factory... yayyyyy xD but yeah, hyaeju is gonna have a friend with her and I'm taking doug... we're going to cheesecake factory to eat... they have the best food EVER and then we're going shoopppiiiinggggg xD yaaayyyyy it's probably gonna be raining... and i have to watch my big window so it's not flooding... on thursday i think it was raining really hard and the living room was almost flooded... it was wet... but yeah, florida rain is soooo much better than just plain german rain... it's just way harder and you're wet (as in soaking wet) after like 3 seconds... and the street is turned into a river a lot faster...
but yeah, i was just stopping by to say hi (like anyone is reading this lol) and i have to go now...

24.5.09 17:43


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